2019 Fantasy Football WR Rankings

Today I have the 2019 fantasy football WR rankings, as well as my personal picks and sleepers of 2019! Picking a WR this year is going to be very special and hopefully I can help you pick the right player!

Here are the top ten WR rankings for the 2019 season

  1. Davante Adams, GB
  2. Deandre Hopkins, HOU
  3. Michael Thomas, NO
  4. Julio Jones, ATL
  5. Odell Beckham JR, CLE
  6. Tyreek Hill, KC
  7. Antonio Brown, OAK
  8. Juju Smith-Schuster, PIT
  9. Mike Evans, TB
  10. Keenan Allen, LAC

Players I love this season!

  1. Davante Adams, GB. With Aaron Rodgers at QB and a new head coach, I’m expecting him to have another elite season! There is no other competition for targets, so expect even more targets this season for Adams!
  2. Keenan Allen, LAC. I absolutely love him this season. He is healthy and such a beast in the slot, he is going to demand so many targets and Rivers is going to give him so many looks! Very excited to have Keenan Allen this season!
  3. Michael Thomas, NO. After getting that huge contract, I fully expect the Saints to throw the ball a lot more to their star receiver! He has turned into an elite WR, so you should feel really good about getting this stud!

Players I hate this season!

  1. A.J Green, CIN. Having dealt with tons of injuries, he is going to miss the first few games of the season after getting injured in practice. Who knows if he will be healthy all season, I just would stay away from him. Maybe if you can draft him later on and stash him then go for it, but I just smell trouble here.
  2. Cooper Kupp, LAR. Okay hear me out, I really like Cooper and he is great but he is coming off an injury and he is already the third option in the receiving game. Which can be really tough, he is being drafted really high and I just don’t like his value and feel like you could draft someone better.
  3. Allen Robinson, CHI. I just don’t love the volume and he doesn’t get the looks as a real number 1 option should. He is a good WR, but I just see a lot of risk here.

2019 Fantasy Football Sleepers!

  1. Mike Williams, LAC. Now the number 2 receiver in the lineup for 2019, expect this to be the year where he really shines!
  2. Chris Godwin, TB. Another number 2 on this team and he is going to have a great year in the pass heavy TB offense
  3. John Ross, CIN. With A.J Green missing the first few games, expect him to see a lot of targets early on!
  4. Desean Jackson, PHI. Another deep threat option for Carson Wentz. Hopefully he can reach the endzone more this season.
  5. John Brown, BUF. The deep play threat in an up and coming offense. Could have a sneaky good year?

Hope you enjoyed the 2019 fantasy football WR rankings! Make sure to check out the audio podcast and the video podcast!

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