2019 Fantasy Football RB Handcuffs

First, I’m going to talk about my favorite 2019 fantasy football RB handcuffs this season! Having security at the RB position is very important. Just having this knowledge can help you be prepared for when the worst starts to happen.

Injuries always happen and being on top of things and having a sense of awareness when it comes to who the handcuffs you should be targeting is very simple! I’m going to tell you my favorite handcuffs this season

Here are my favorite handcuffs this season

  1. Austin Ekeler, Chargers- With the latest news that Melvin Gordon is likely to continue his holdout into the season. Ekeler is in line for a very large workload. He should be on everyone’s fantasy radar. As he has already established himself as a reliable pass catcher and a pretty good runner! His draft position is very high, so he will make a nice RB2 for the year.
  2. Latavius Murray, Saints- As part of a run-heavy scheme in New Orleans, he is going to take over the Mark Ingram role from last year, which was really productive. He has always been a solid running back and is already going to be a big part of the saint’s offense. The reason why he is so valuable is that if something happens to Alvin Kamara, he is going to be a top 10 fantasy football player in a highly productive offense.
  3. Tony Pollard, Cowboys- With Ezekiel Elliot still not with the team, Pollard could be in line for a huge role with the Cowboys. There are reports that Elliot received an offer of 57 million. That would make him the second-highest paid running back in the NFL. If he doesn’t take that offer, then who knows how long Elliot will be out. Pollard would slide right behind one of the best Offensive lines in the NFL!

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