About me

Welcome to my blog everyone! This is my very first post and I will just tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Colton and Im 26 years old. Most of my days are spent thinking about fantasy football! I eat, sleep and breath fantasy football! I always spend my weeks doing tons of research and watching tons of videos to get my lineup perfect for the NFL season!

Playing fantasy football is like a full time job and I really take pride in what I do. I finally won my first fantasy football league. It took tons of hours and trades and risky lineup decisions. I would find myself inserting a player in my lineup only because I wanted someone to root for on a Monday or Thursday night game! Sounds crazy but I just love the thrill of fantasy sports and Im sure you all do as well! My Sunday routine is usually me waking up very early.Like around 7 or 8. Going to get some donuts and some energy drinks and turning on the fantasy football now show on ESPN! I have that running in the background while I make decisions about my lineup and always looking for people to add and drop!

Overall, the rush I get when kickoff starts is unbelievable! I am making this blog to help everyone have a great Sunday! I want all of you to succeed and make the right decisions! Its so much fun and I want everyone to enjoy life and fantasy football! I am going to post a lot of advice and help anyone with lineup troubles. I will give out my rankings and top picks and sample drafts! I really hope I can get some viewers and build a nice community here! Fantasy Football rocks!

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